Today there is an app for everything. Apple’s commercials make us all remember the phrase “There’s an app for that”. And soon there is about to be one more app in the app stores – The iCareCoops app. Ideal Development have been part of project iCareCoops since the beginning and are proud to have business cooperation all over the European Union working on the same goals and project.

At Ideal Development we are passionate app-people and we are working everyday with developing and designing apps for all different kind of purposes. We are proud of beeing a part of the ongoing european welfare technology project, iCareCoops. But what is the real difference between the hundreds of thousands of apps out there and the iCareCoops app? The real difference is the community and the turn-key solutions for cooperatives.

iCareCoops is developed by tech people who believe the app will make a greater change in the elder care system. In our everyday life we have integrated mobile applications as a tool for self help and independence. The older generation needs those tools, especially due to their health and limited mobility. The iCareCoops app is data-driven and a solution for the future elder care.

We have taken a closer look of the popular elder care apps and there is already a long list of effective and useful apps for the elder care like CareZone, PainCare and MedCoach.

CareZone: CareZone makes it simpler to take care of yourself, an aging parent, and other family members that need help. The CareZone app allows a caregiver to access all of a senior’s medical information. If family members get the app, they can be connected to the information too. This app also includes the capability to leave voicemails for all and note when appointments are coming.

PainCare: PainCare is an innovative tool to help patients manage chronic pain and other injuries. its empowers you to take responsibility of your health by tracking your symptoms, triggers, medications, and side effects. The app can help you figure out the cause of your pain.

MedCoach: MedCoach is an easy to use medical app that helps you remember to take your medication and pills at the right time and day. The app can also connect to your pharmacy to refill your prescriptions.

These apps are effective for the remembering medication and tracking the pain. But still the iCareCoops app will be the first one to connecting the elder care system and will make it easier for the elder, the cooperatives and the volunteers. After almost 2 years iCareCoops is ready to launch. We are looking forward to integrate the iCareCoops in all the cooperative around in the european union and see the end result. Ideal Development is representing the final project in the center of the European Union, Brussels in november.

And the short answer to the question – Yes, iCareCoops will definitely be a game changer.

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