Keeping older adults mobile but safe


The Follow.Me apps help you keep track of older adults’ safety

There is nothing more frightening than losing a loved person.  Follow.Me aims to satisfy people‘s desire – mainly family members and doctors – of monitoring the position of elderly people with different forms of dementia and Alzheimer, in order to prevent danger situations.

14-02-2017 15-12-45Nicholas is a 67 years old patient, recently diagnosed with a very mild cognitive decline, earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease. He is having memory lapses — forgetting familiar words or the location of everyday objects. Nicholas has to go to the hospital for his periodical medical visit. What usually is a challenge not only for Nicholas but also his relatives is perfectly safe with Follow.Me. A smartwatch with the app installed will monitor and guide him. If Nicholas gets lost or enters an area which is considered unsafe the app will inform care-givers and even navigate him home.

The Follow.Me platform allows you to follow the movements of the patients in both indoor and outdoor spaces: thanks to its continuous monitoring, the platform can store position data for statistical analysis or to act proactively (in preconfigured circumstances) and send alarms to the operators.

Caregivers and family members will be able to track their patients and loved ones using geofencing technologies in order to know when they leave or enter a given area, the speed they are traveling, send them notifications that will appear on the watch and even call them. Follow.Me will use a cloud-based architecture to store and share its position with authorized devices.

14-02-2017 15-12-19The project funded by the AAL programme is in the middle of development and will have a market ready solution 2018. In addition to hospital and care institutions cooperatives will provide an interesting platform for Follow.Me. While there are already many monitoring solutions available Follow.Me will come at a competitive price and provide an unobtrusive way of tracking integrated in a standard smartwatch and smartphone. What features would you like to have for your particular organization or environment? Stay tuned and follow the project here: